Welcome to Bone Appetit Canine Bakery (BACB) Unleashed

Inspired by dogs . . . created by BACB Unleashed owner, Pam Miller.

This is the place for dogs and the people who love them! We have created a dog treat that is especially for your K9 companion and like NO others. They are made from scratch, in small batches, and with LOVE! We have been baking dog treats since 1999. Our adventures have taken us from an at-home business to a bricks and mortar business to now a mobile business.

We are proud to offer you and your K9 friend the freshest treat on the market today plus other cool stuff for our canine customers and their humans! Each product we sell has been carefully inspected and given a TAIL WAG of approval.

We go where the dogs go! Won't you join us and share the journey. Like us on Facebook/BACB Unleashed and follow the fun we are having "BACB Unleashed-style".




K9 Kustomer of the Month

MARCH 2014

Gunner (L) Jade (C) Murray (R)

One naughty behavior we get in trouble for….Murray: Naughty? Me? I wouldn't say it's naughty but I like to bark out the window in the morning. It usually wakes Mom up. Jade: Naught? Me? Well, I jump up on Mom a lot. I just miss her so much that I can't control myself! Gunner: Naughty? Me? I herd Jade in the house a lot. What can I say? I'm a Border Collie!

Our favorite thing to do when our human has a day off is….All: Our favorite thing when Mom has the day off is to go to the dog park!! We love it there! Otherwise, we like to go do Frisbee (Jade), Agility (Murray) or Rally (Murray and Jade) Gunner: Hey, what about me? Oh yeah, I'm learning stuff! I hope to do more Frisbee this summer! Murray: My favorite trick? Is Barking a trick? I'm pretty good at that. Otherwise, I like doing agility with Mom. That seems to make her happy.

What do you feel is your best trick? Murray: My favorite trick? Is Barking a trick? I'm pretty good at that. Otherwise, I like doing agility with Mom. That seems to make her happy. Jade: I can do Frisbee tricks! I can spin, twist, flip catch and sometimes I can do a knee vault! (We are working on that one.) I'm also pretty good at Rally when my head in on straight! Gunner: Is herding a trick? I like to herd other dogs at the dog park. I want to see sheep again, since last time, I didn't really know what I was doing.

Any other comments? We are all adopted! Mom says you never know the treasures you can find in a shelter or rescue. We also live with 3 cats, Lexi, Cash and Cosmo. They are also adopted. We get along with them really well!

Following the interview, I heard them turn to their mom, Denise Koster, and say, "WOOF, did we do okay, Mom?" Such good dogs.

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CeleBARK 2014 Vendor Application

On The Street

BARKing news from around the fire hydrant....we are thrilled to announce that Bone Appetit Canine Bakery dog treats will NOW be available at ROCHESTER PEOPLE'S FOOD CO-OP, 519 First Ave SW, Rochester, MN. WOOF, WOOF!

People's Food Co-op is the neighborhood grocery that goes the extra mile. PFC brings back the best of what once was and makes it new again. BACB Unleashed is excited to be PFC's LOCAL source for fresh-baked, healthy and tasty dog treats. Stop in and check out their beautiful store and pick up a bag of Bone Appetit Canine Bakery dog treats.

Join BACB Unleashed.......

Saturday • May 3rd • PCHS Pet Walk • Pet Walk with humans and their animal friends. Raise funds through pledges to help the animals at Paws & Claws Humane Society. Prizes for youth and adult categories. Registration at 9 am with walk at 10am.

Saturday • May 10th • CeleBARK your DOG day 2014 • Eagles Club (917 15th Ave SE, Rochester) • 11am-2pm • WOOF, BARK, BOW WOW, ARF! The ultiMUTT PAWtee of the season! Join us as we vow to celeBARK the love we share with our dogs. This family and dog friendly event is sponsored by BACB Unleashed and will again be the BARK around the fire hydrant, truly a signature event. It will be an afternoon filled with games, contests, BOW WOWs, prizes, food, TAIL wags, demonstrations, dog rescue groups, medallion hunt and FUN! Click on the SNIFF HERE tab for CeleBARK 2014's Schedule of Events.


Join BACB Unleashed in welcoming our new CEO (CANINE Executive Officer), Jackson. Jackson was adopted from Safe Hands Animal Rescue (SHAR) on December 8, 2013. His history is vague, but he was rescued from a "kill shelter" in Kentucky by the volunteers at Safe Hands and brought to Minnesota, where he spent a few weeks in a loving foster home.

Pam Miller, owner of BACB Unleashed, had spent two years recovering from the loss of a very special border collie, Scout, whom had held the previous position of CEO. Pam was finding that it was time to open up her heart to another four-legged companion and with her passion and commitment to rescue groups she began her search on Petfinders.com. After a few days of searching the adorable pictures of so many dogs needing homes in the area, she landed on a mug shot of a perky-eared, bright-eyed, yellow dog. And as the cliché goes, it was love at first site.

Jackson will have some big paws to fill. Scout had filled the position for 13 years and had many responsibilities—Quality Control Inspector, Official Taste Taster, CEO, greeter, canine model, BACB’s spokesdog (spokesperson) and therapist to Pam during stressful times. But after just a short time, Jackson has already shown extensive knowledge in the areas of taste-testing, greeter, and therapist.

BACB Unleashed is excited to welcome Jackson into this family and we look forward to many years of his leadership as CANINE Executive Officer.